Additional Supplements

When you as a tenant book an accommodation with SuiteHomeSpain, you also get the opportunity to let us do it even more convenient during your stay. Below you will find a list of extra options that you can order before arrival. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or specific requests if you do not find what you are looking for in our list below. In connection with your booking you are initially given the opportunity to be able to choose among these options. But you can also contact us at a later stage for the addition of options.

Yours Sincerely,


Breakfast package (Small)

Water 1,5 litre, Orange juice 1 litre, Bread, 6 Eggs, Butter, Cheese Gouda, Turkey, Yoghurt Activia berrys, 4 package, Instant Coffé, Nescafé, Tee, Milk 1 litre

Price 30 Euro

It's so nice to wake up and find that the refrigerator is full with wonderfully good things so you can make the most important meal of the day!

Big Breakfast package, 6 persons

Water 1,5 litre
Orange juice1 litre
Apple juice 1 litre
12 Eggs
Cheese Gouda 2 pack.
Turkey 2 pack.
Bread: 1 pack white toast and Thins 6st full corn
Instant coffee Nescafé
Tea Black
Cherry Tomatoes
Milk 1 litre
Yoghurt Activia berry, 12 pack.
Bacon 1 pack.

Price 40 Euro
All will be stored in your refrigerator when you check in.

Extra set of beddings for the long stay.

If you stay a longer period you can order a change of your beddings at the time of your liking.

Price 10 Euro per person

Beverage package - Mini

6 Coca Cola
6 Beer
6 small bottles of water

Price 15 Euro

Beverage package - Medium

6 Coca Cola
6 Fanta
6 Beer
6 Lemon Beer
6 small bottles of water
1 bag of Potato chips

Price 25 Euro

Beverage package - Max

6 Coca Cola
6 Fanta
6 Sprite
6 Small bottles of water
6 Beer
6 Lemon Beer
1 Red wine Campo Viejo Crianza
1 White wine Marina Alta
1 Cava Domn. Duques
2 bags of Potato chips

Price 45 Euro

Wine package

1 Red wine
1 White wine
1 Rosé wine
1 Bag of Almendras fritas
1 Jar of Olives Relleno con pimenta
1 Water 1,5 litre

Price 30 Euro

Birthday package

1 Champagne Moët & Chandon
1 Box of chocolates
1 Chocolate cake
1 Bouquet of cut flowers in vase
1 Helium Birthday balloon with "Happy Birthday"

Price 90 Euro

Romantic package

1 Champagne Moet & Chandon
1 Box of seasonal fresh berry's
1 Box of chocolates
1 Bouquet of cut flowers in vase
1 Water 1,5 litre 

Price 70 Euro

Vacation package

6 1,5 L water
6 Beer
6 Coca Cola
1 1 L Gin Beefeater
6 Tonic Water
1 Red wine
1 White wine
1 1 L Baileys
1 Fleut sausage
1 Jar of Olives
1 Bag of Potato Chips
1 Bag of Nuts

Price 75 Euro

Kids package

6 small bottles of water
6 small bottles of apple juice
Danonino yoghurt 4 pack
1 Candy bag Gusanitos
1 Coloring book and crayons 

Price 15 Euro

Beach package - Children

Inflatable armbands
Sunscreen SPF 50
Bucket and shovel set

Price 25 Euro per person