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General Rental Terms

Check-in and check-out

Check-in is between 14:00 and 22:00.

Check out is between 09:00 and 12:00.

Entry or exit outside the established hours will have a cost of €25/h

When booking, the customer receives a booking confirmation and directions.Check-in / check-out takes place personally by SuiteHomeSpain's staff who meet you at the holiday home at the specified time stated at the time of booking.

The person booking must be 21 years old at the day of arrival.

According to Spanish law, all tenants must be reported to Policia Local during their rental period.

Upon arrival, passports must be submitted to SuiteHomeSpain's staff upon check-in by all tenants.

The rental agreement contains check-in / check-out times unless otherwise agreed in written form.


All prices are expressed in euros per accommodation and rental period. Payment is made online via credit card. At the time of booking, 25% of the total rental amount must be paid and the remaining 75% must be paid no later than 60 days prior to the arrival date.

If the tenant reserves housing for 60 days prior to arrival, the 100% payment is applied at the time of reservation.

When the reservation is complete, SuiteHomeSpainExperience will send a confirmation of the reservation and the rental conditions.

By making a reservation, the tenant approves the terms of the rental.

Cancellations and changes

If the tenant chooses to cancel, the following applies:

0% refund for 30 days before arrival

50% refund within 30 to 60 days before arrival

The reservation fee is 25% of the rental cost and 25% of the reservation fee is refunded on cancellation prior to 60 days prior to arrival

The tenant can transfer the property to another tenant in his place, this only applies within the same rental period and price. SuiteHomeSpainExperience accepts name changes for a fee of 70 euros. The name change must be made in writing to SuiteHomeSpainExperience at least 1 week before the expected arrival date.

Damage Deposit

The deposit is a guarantee for the owner and SuiteHomeSpainExperience in case of any damage or deficiency after the rental. The deposit of 500 euros will be added at the time of booking and will be refunded within 7 working days after the rental period.

The deposit payment is made separately through a link to paypal / suitehomespainexperience / 500EUR. You will receive this link in your booking confirmation email. The deposit must be received by SuiteHomeSpainExperience at least 14 days before your arrival at your accommodation.

In case of damage or sabotage caused by the tenant, this will be charged according to the price list in the information folder in each holiday home. In the first instance, the amounts are deducted from the deposit, exceeding the amount deposited an invoice is sent to the tenant.


When making the reservation, there is a mandatory final cleaning and bed linen and towels.

Bed linen / towels from 15 euros per person.

Final cleaning from 70 euros.

If additional cleaning is required during the rental period, it can be reserved as an option and paid for in cash on the spot.

The mandatory final cleaning does not relieve the tenant of the responsibility to wash, empty the refrigerators / freezers and the cabinets of the open products. Embed the beds, throw out the trash, and make sure all the furniture is in place.

In case of deficiencies, the amounts are deducted from the deposit according to the price list found in the information folder in each accommodation.

staff will finalize and report any deficiencies and damages during final cleaning.

The tenant must treat the rented holiday accommodation well.

Damage and defects

The renter must leave the vacation home in the same condition in which it is moved in, except for normal wear and tear.

The tenant is responsible for damage to the holiday accommodation and equipment arising during the rental period caused by the tenant himself or by other persons who have stayed in the holiday home during the rental period.

The tenant is responsible for damage and loss of personal property, which will be charged to the tenant.

Damage to the holiday home or its accessories will be immediately reported to SuiteHomeSpainExperience.

Shortcomings and complaints

The holiday home will of course be prepared for your arrival. If the tenant discovers deficiencies in cleaning or damage on arrival, this must be reported immediately to SuiteHomeSpainExperience, otherwise the holiday accommodation is delivered without any problem. The tenant may lose the right to a complaint.

Complaints and deficiencies are by mail. The tenant is obliged to ensure that damage and shortcomings are not exacerbated. The tenant must provide SuiteHomeSpainExperience with a reasonable time limit to remedy failures and failures.

If a possible damage / deficiency causes the tenant not to stay in the holiday home upon arrival or during the rental period that was not caused by the tenant, SuiteHomeSpainExperience will help to find equivalent accommodation during the rental period.

In case of complaint:

Email administracion@suithomespain.com

We will reply to you within 24 hours.

Extra ordinary events

By force majeure, for example. War, nature and pollution catastrophe, epidemics, border closures, traffic conditions, interruptions in currency trading, strike or the like when the lease cannot be carried out or much more can be done difficult, SuiteHomeSpainExperience can cancel the lease.

In such a situation, the property owner or SuiteHomeSpainExperience cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the tenant.

or the owner of the house cannot be held responsible for theft that affects the private property of the tenant or similar, it also applies to insect attacks on the house or plot.

Holiday accommodation

If no other agreement has been negotiated, the holiday accommodation may not be used for purposes other than holidays.

The holiday home and the associated plot can only be occupied by the number of people named at the time of booking, including children, regardless of their age.

If more people live than what is stipulated in the rental agreement or if the tenant has parked caravans / motorhomes / tents or similar in or next to the holiday home vacancy, SuiteHomeSpainExperience or the owner has the right to refuse the number of additional people. If the tenant does not rectify this instruction within 24 hours, SuiteHomeSpainExperience or the property owner have the right to cancel the rental agreement with immediate effect without further warning.

Cancellation means that there is no refund of the rental amount or deposit.

Any departure from the holiday home before the end of the rental period is done at the expense and risk of the tenant. The tenant cannot, therefore, cancel the lease or demand a refund.

are only allowed in some holiday homes, as indicated in the object description.

or the owner cannot guarantee that there are no pets in the accommodation previously or that the owner does not have pets. SuiteHomeSpainExperience is not responsible for possible allergic reactions of tenants.

Noise disturbance,
The tenant may be unexpectedly exposed to noise and noise, for example during the rental period. Traffic, construction work or the like, neither SuiteHomeSpainExperience nor the owner can be held responsible for this.

Internet connection / broadband
is offered in most of our accommodation. It is indicated in the description of the respective property.

or the homeowner is not responsible for cable, signal/antenna or other coverage and data set issues.

is not allowed inside in vacation homes.

In case of violation of smoking inside, a fee of 400 euros is charged!

Pool and Pool Areas
: Tenant must follow instructions regarding private pool or pool area.

The tenant is personally responsible for staying in the pool. Children can only stay in the pool area in groups of adults.

Prices, taxes and currency.

SuiteHomeSpain Experience
reserves the right to increase the rent accordingly in case of price increases, increases in taxes, fees and changes in the exchange rate.

Electricity, water, gas possibly internet / wifi included during the rental period.

Other information

We reserve the right to make misstakes, all information on SuiteHomeSpainExperience's website we have tried to reproduce as accurately as possible. This may be due to changes in relation to the holiday home.

SuiteHomeSpainExperience reserves the right to change its rental terms. Any changes will be published on the website.

Suite Home Spain Experience follows the GDPR with its privacy policy. You can find it on our website www.suitehomespain.com


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