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Welcome to SuiteHomeSpain!


We wanted to write some personal lines about us too. We are Anna-Lisa and Cecilia, we are the ones who run SuiteHomeSpain. We are childhood friends born and raised in the Stockholm area in Sweden. After high school, we lost contact but 20 years later we found each other again via social media.

During our conversations we discovered that we both had vacation properties down here in the Costa Blanca region. So we lived pretty close together! Talk about the world being small. We immediately decided to meet and it was as if it was yesterday we last saw each other.

We started talking early on how it would be to live and work here in Spain full time.

Since we both have experience and background in the service professions with the same taste and feeling about how good service should be and what quality mean to us, we felt that this would work. In other words, it was extremely easy and natural to come to the conclusion that we wanted to do something together. So in the spring of 2018, at sunset and over a nice glass of Sangria, the idea of SuiteHomeSpain was born. The vision of the perfect vacation rental!

Our idea is to create a hotel feeling in a home, so that you and your company feel that you live in a hotel suite (Suite) in a home (Home) in Spain (Spain).


We really hope that you will enjoy your stay with us at our nice holiday homes. And if it is something that we can do to further enhance your say, just tell us!

Heartfelt greetings

Anna-Lisa and Cecilia